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Joseph Alan Callier desired a client-centered, creative, cost-efficient legal services firm which, when reason does not prevail, would always be prepared to persuasively present a client’s dispute to a jury. Due to its high standards and attention to detail, the firm possesses an “AV” Martindale-Hubbell rating”.

The firm partners with clients to evaluate facts and determine goals, then design an effective resolution plan. A successful case resolution plan is the product of hard work and persistence. The firm recognizes that, “If you do not have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over”John Wooden

Notwithstanding the firm’s trial DNA. Its founder is a certified mediator who values alternatives to trial to resolve disputes.

Callier Law Group represents private and governmental entities (insured and self-insured) in state and federal court in matters such as:

  • personal injury/property damage (motor vehicles, equipment and premises);
  • product liability (industrial and household);
  • employment (race/ethnicity/sex-Title VII, age-ADEA, disability-ADA, retaliatory discharge and compensation-FLSA);
  • construction (work site, safety, right of control and OSHA);
  • toxic torts (chemical and airborne particulate matter);
  • civil rights (§1983);
  • and commercial (contract, insurance-coverage and indemnity, interpleader and subrogation and DTPA).